Ways to achieve a minimalist home

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A beginner in this journey of minimalism would love to know how to implement minimalism in their homes as well. One might be wondering if it is possible to have a home that is genuinely minimalistic. Here some ways by which one can adapt their minimalistic lifestyle to their homes as well.


How to achieve a minimalistic home

Keep furniture to the minimum and basic: A sofa or two, a few chairs, a dining table, a shelf or two, some basic cupboards for storage, a basic sized closet for a minimalistic wardrobe, etc.  Think of what furniture you can discard without sacrificing too much on comfort.


De-clutter surfaces often: We all leave things on table tops, on top of cupboards, on our sofas, on the floor, etc. It is best to de-clutter all surfaces on a daily basis and keep things where they belong. Even floors should be de-cluttered; no stacks of anything should be found lying around. Store all the stuff you need (books, stationery, CDs, etc.) out of sight in drawers and cabinets.


Decorate tastefully and subtly: Don’t put up too much on your walls, countertops, and shelves. If you have a lot of painting and pictures on your walls, take them down excepting a piece or two that you ABSOLUTELY cannot throw away. Have only very few decorating items around the house. This in itself will reduce the clutter.


Choose the right colors: Darker shades of walls and furniture will tend to cramp up your space. Colors that are too bright might leave you feeling unsettled after a while. Try using earthier tones, and more shades of white. This will help your home look brighter and help you feel calmer. Make sure there is always enough natural light in your home.


Don’t use up all the space: If a corner of your home starts to look bare and empty, don’t rush out to fill it with a piece of furniture or art. Give it some time you will begin to enjoy that space and how uncluttered it looks.


Discard unused items: Get rid of books, magazines, papers, CDs, anything you have not used or even looked at in the last month or two. It is okay to discard books you have had for years, except the few that are too precious to give away.


How you benefit from a minimalistic home

Your achievement of a minimalistic home will help you further your journey into minimalism. It will even help you cut cost and cutter while decorating your home. Once you have simplified your home to the best of your abilities, give it a month or so and go back to analyzing your space and see what more you can do to simplify it further without compromising on livability and comfort.


For an ideal minimalist home, one must find the balance between an austere hospital room and casual clutter.

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