Solo travels on a limited budget

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Traveling and taking time off from our day-to-day life has become an essential part of the modern lifestyle we live in. Going to picturesque locations can provide a refreshing break from reality and is often recommended as a stress buster.

Traveling solo is fun because it lets you get some time to yourself and lets you recuperate from the anxieties and mental stress caused by day to day routine. This article is about making such solo trips when your pockets are considerably light.

Who is this for

This article is for the youth, especially the millennials who are interested in traveling to their favorite places but can’t afford to have a lavish vacation. This article will help you conduct a solo trip for yourself even when you don’t have a ton of money saved up. This article is an excellent read for you if you are someone who loves the idea of traveling all over the world and doesn’t mind making a few compromises on the expensive side of touring.

Important stuff,

Shared accommodation: If you want to organize a solo trip on a limited budget, always remember that you can save a lot on accommodation by sharing it with someone else. There are many hostels and guesthouses which have dormitories for cheap. It is way better to opt for a dorm as compared to a private room if you are planning to travel with a light wallet.

Make your food: Try making your food while you are on your solo trip. Cooking your food is an excellent way of saving money when you are traveling. Make sure you find a place with a clean kitchen, where you can make whatever you want to eat, for yourself. Restaurants in most areas are expensive and might even charge you more if they find out you are a tourist.

Explore on foot: When you reach your trip location, try walking around when you want to go sightseeing. Instead of taking a cab everywhere, walk around and interact with the local population. It will save you a lot of money and also give you a lot more information about the culture and behavior of the people who live there.

Travel to budget locations: Instead of traveling to expensive places, try limiting your trips to inexpensive ones. For example, if you want to go to Goa, but you can’t afford to spend a lot, go to someplace like Hampi or Gokarna instead. Both Hampi and Gokarna are full of sites or beaches just like Goa, but way cheaper when it comes to living and eating expenses. Kodaikanal is a pleasant hill station option instead of Ooty as it is way more affordable regarding the stay.

Camp out: Instead of booking a guest-room or a hotel room, carry your tent everywhere and camp in the open outdoors. This way, you won’t have to spend a single rupee on accommodation no matter where you go. Buy a foldable tent and carry it along with you wherever you go. Just make sure that you find a safe enough place to set your tent up.

How can you benefit

This article provides the reader with useful suggestions on how to travel solo, without a big wad of money. It will help them plan their future trips better, even if they are short on cash. This article is a beneficial read for anyone who wants to learn how to travel by themselves on a minimalistic budget.

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