Six money things you should hide from peers and relatives

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Snoopy relatives and family members are something that you might have dealt with a lot. While it is understandable that some relatives are concerned about your well-being, some of them tend to be nosey in situations which are of private nature to you. Like money. Nobody likes being told how to use their money, and you wouldn’t want your peers or relatives digging their noses around in your finances. This article is about being financially discreet around people you know.


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Most of us have faced problems with nosey people who can try to control how we live our lives. This article is great for you if you are searching for a way to stop snoopy relatives and peers from interfering with your financial life. Be it your parents, siblings, friends or your significant other; there will always be some money things you won’t be able to reveal to them entirely. This article will help you decide better, what you can hide from them and what you can’t.


The message

Salary: If you have snoopy people around you, always make sure you never tell anyone how much your salary is. If your friends or relatives find out that you make considerably more money than them, they will naturally expect you to spend money on them and pay for them on most occasions. They might also ask you to lend them money that they might not pay back.


Tax deductions: It is always better to hide the amount of taxation on your salary from your peers. If they find out that you pay the lesser tax than they do, they might try to make a fuss about it. Always keep your tax information private to avoid being caught in tax fraud.


Your savings: How much money you have saved up in your savings account is something you should only disclose to yourself and your significant other, at the most. Never reveal any details about your savings to anyone.


Inheritance: If you are going to inherit any money, it is always better to keep the information secure, especially if you have relatives who might come forward and try to claim it instead of you.


Expensive possessions: If you happen to purchase any costly things, make sure you don’t brag about them too much to your peers and relatives. Bragging might cause jealousy, and they might try to sabotage what you purchased in some way.


Credit/Debit card details: Never, ever reveal your debit or credit card details to anyone. It is something only you should know. People are known to get caught in a lot of debit/credit card scams in India.


How can you benefit

The reader of this article can be more aware of the consequences of revealing personal financial details to other people. This article will help you assess the level of trust you should have with people when it comes to dealing with your money.

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