Modern goddess of money

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Goddess Lakshmi is the symbol of prosperity and wealth in Hindu mythology. Each goddess has her power and charisma of her own. The legends have worshipped, celebrated and respected women throughout centuries in the form of deities. The popularly known Goddesses, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga, and Kali, have all expressed the mighty power of women, and so the women in India are called the ‘Ghar ki Lakshmi.’ The term is conveying that ‘she’ is the person who brings wealth and prosperity to the family.

During the earlier days, the phrase ‘Ghar ki Lakshmi’ was ironic because most of the women were not allowed to work or earn on their own. They were not given the independence or even looked at as powerful. But, times have changed and so have the perceptions of the society. Now, many more women are financially independent. It was a massive step for women, as it gave them the power to become independent and a platform to showcase their strength just like the goddesses. As the world keeps progressing, the introduction of new effective methods of managing finances appears. Financial fitness is a new concept which governs the spending, savings and investment strategies of people to help them make better money decisions.

Till today, in many families, the women do earn, spend and save. But what next? Is there another step to financial fitness? Yes, in simple terms it is the art of managing and investing money. Investing money in the right places can create huge returns which build up wealth savvy attitude.

Women, who are looked at as the goddess of wealth, should not hesitate to learn and explore new methods to grow the wealth they already have.

You are the ‘Ghar ki Lakshmi’, what are you waiting for?

Start with us today and see yourself grow.



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