Making people great with Money! Prosperfit’s journey from 0 to 1,000

by Kshitij Mohan Shrivastava

Everyone, regardless of his/her social, educational and economic background, should have an opportunity to live a happy, financially prosperous life. 

And financial prosperity, as we all know, depends directly on a person’s ability to make smart money decisions.

Logically therefore, you would expect a Lot of support to be available for people to get better at financial decision-making. However in reality, there are glaring gaps! 


What does financial services world offer to its customers?

Firstly, there are several blogs and websites. However many of these are written by experts. And experts don’t necessarily make good teachers. That’s why, many such articles tend to be too technical, dull and jargon-filled or written in a condescending tone, because of which they often end-up scaring people about finances, instead of alleviating their anxieties. 

Even the financial products/services companies are vested in their offerings, which is why, for most, the approach towards ‘personal finance’ is usually sales-oriented, biased, and hence blind towards ‘consumer’s real-life needs.’ As a result, in consumer’s eyes such companies end-up merely ‘Selling’ stuff (… be it insurance, investments, credit cards, loans and such), instead of educating on ‘what’s good for them.’

Then there are advisors. Financial advisors are generally neutral and more individualized in offering their advisory services. They also possess in-depth knowledge about various financial products. However, when it comes to knowing consumer’s minds – their psychologies, emotions, fears, and challenges, even the most seasoned advisor can sometimes draw a blank.


What do individuals need? 

Most individuals suffer from their complicated relationships with Money – caused by their growing-up experiences (both positive and negative), their observations, circumstances and even influences from parents, family, and others. All these can be summed up in their unique Money personalities – emotions, deep-rooted beliefs, attitudes, and habits. It is these psychological biases that make such individuals uncomfortable and hesitant to discussing money openly or dealing with it well.  Their reluctance comes from guilt, shame, lack of trust and fear of getting cheated or ridiculed in other’s eyes.

Therefore there’s an enormous void between consumers’ feelings, needs AND what the financial services world has to offer them. This void can be filled only with empathy, education, and emotional empowerment; instead of indiscriminate selling of ‘one-size-fits-all’ financial products. 

This is precisely where Prosperfit steps in!

The #1 strength of Prosperfit is its ability to understand consumers at deep emotional levels. 

With our background in consumer-behavior, psychology and academic research, we’ve been able to build breakthrough algorithms and proprietary models that can map users’ unique Money personalities from a universe of thousands of different personality archetypes. 

Money can become truly democratic, truly personalized.

Using individuals’ Money personalities, their financial aptitude (Money EQ) and financial sufficiency (Money IQ) scores, we can point at the exact actions that can help them build the right money mindsets and acquire correct financial knowledge. All these fundamentally empower them to make brilliant money decisions. The best part is, All of the above happens using technology and in the comfort of confidentiality.

And so we began, with a vision to build Prosperfit as a smart and unbiased platform for all. A platform that makes individuals from diverse sections savvy, knowledge-equipped and prepared for managing their financial difficulties without stress or risks.

Today, we’ve achieved our 1st milestone of 1,000 users. 

To them and to many others who’ll become a part of us in future, we express our gratitude; and re-affirm our commitment towards helping them become money savvy and equipped through technology and financial education.

About Kshitij Mohan Shrivastava

** Technology & financial Inclusion entrepreneur **
Building financial empowerment platforms for 1.3 billion Indians.
Over the past 18 years as a marketer and management consultant, I've built profitable businesses & created iconic brands across top financial technology, FMCG and e-Commerce companies.
Specialist in behavioral marketing, product innovation and producing content that serves emerging consumers at scale.

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