Human Resources: Know them or No to them?

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HR or the Human Resources department of an organization is set up to look after the employees’ needs and employee-related issues. Although they can be deemed as the most important branch of work they are the most looked down upon wing of the organization for end number of reasons.

Human resources team works day in and night to make the working environment of an office pleasant and relatable for the employees. Apart from conducting programs that help the employees realize their importance and worth to the company, they also ensure that workers get their salaries on time. They keep leave procurements on check for each member and help the employers with recruitment procedures too. But they also have the power to hold an inspection of your value to the company, and if needed they could even fire you.

The HR department keeps an organization running while all the other employees are busy with their work. It is a thankless job though; workers mostly rant about HR whenever their demands are not met or if there’s even a slight delay in the payroll.

It is to be kept in mind that the human resources department is working for the company and not for you, although it works for the betterment of you, that betterment is only for the further benefit of the company. So you should be careful to understand where their loyalties lie. The HR serves the needs of the company, and if that means to advocate and take actions against employees and a lousy manager respectively, they will do it as it is in the best interest of the organization, the employers and the employees. Yet, many a time it’s noticed that employees may not like some of the rules or implementation of regulations by the HR; that does not mean the HR is working against the employees, but that could be simply because it is thought to be best for the company. That is what HR’s work is all about.

In companies, the Human Resources staff is mostly working on hiring, firing, salary, benefits, and pension. Although they can achieve so much more like opening more opportunities for women employees, resolve sexual harassment issues in the workplace, create programs for retaining the employees’ interest in the company apart from just work, etc. these activities mostly take a back seat.

It is always seen that the employees of the organization have a very harsh and negative attitude towards the HR dept. But, it should also be kept in mind that like any other department, the HR department could also be undergoing pressure from the higher authorities, reduced workforce or a lousy working environment. They also like any other sector of a company might have good and bad people.

No matter how harsh you may be to the HR or no matter how much you crib about the misleading HR policies of your office, always keep in mind that if anything wrong happens to you, you contact only them for help. They, on the other hand, can smile and keep working towards the advancement of the company. Being a little considerate, a little thankful might go a long way and not only help the organization prosper, but it would definitely help you grow too.



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