How and why to indulge yourself once a week at home

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While being busy trying to match up with this fast-moving world, we naturally tend to forget about the much needed time we need. On the quest to achieve the maximum financial security for future, it becomes necessary to toil hard every day with our careers which leaves us with almost minimum or no time to indulge in ourselves.


Who is it meant for

For the working women and the wonderful homemakers who crave for some quality time to relax and unwind after a week full of worries. Weekends may get over in a blink of an eyelid, but utilizing it to the fullest is what we want for them to enjoy.


The message

Weekends are the best time to take the word-load detox for yourself. While working eight to ten hours every day for the whole week, getting those weekends off comes as a blessing. Keeping your busy schedule in mind, we can help you with a few tips that could make you pamper yourself in an efficient yet affordable way, right at home.

  1. Sleeping beauty: Taking out time to complete your sleep cycle and waking up without an alarm clock helps you get that mental peace back. A full night’s sleep also relaxes and enables you to rejuvenate and make you ready for next weeks’ drill.
  2. Workout your worries: Not only the mind needs some peace from all the stress that you went throughout the week but you might even need to be physically sane. Going to a gym to have a good hour at the treadmill, pulling weights, Pilates or a meditation session can help you rejuvenate your body mentally as well as physically.
  3. Catch up with friends: Sitting and working the whole day in a cramped cubicle and coming back home only after dark leaves you with very less human interaction. It’s either tiredness or the whole day’s frustration that might stop you from having a decent talk with either your family or friends. Weekends give you the perfect time and situation to keep the bond alive with them so that you can share and feel better.
  4. Indulge in in-house activities: Sometimes, doing regular housework also gives you a lot of pleasure and a sense of fulfillment. Taking up gardening, cooking, weekend cleaning or even sitting in the coziest nook of your home, reading a book can refresh you and even help you with connecting with your living space.
  5. Take a massage session: With lots of stress building up every day due to daily work pressure, the muscles and body get strained. This could make you age faster and could also lead you to many illnesses. Booking a massage appointment for oneself once a while could help you with reducing the built up tension and revive your strength, be it mental or physical.


How can you benefit

Wellness comes from a healthy body as well as the mind. You, as an individual are your caregiver before anybody else’s. Pampering yourself once a week is not going to cost you much if you do it correctly. So why not love thyself and follow these simple hacks that might benefit you in the long run of your lifespan!

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