Five financial anxieties that can harm employee wellness

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Stress and anxiety are part and parcel of human life. Every individual suffers from some anxiety during his/her life. You could be anxious about numerous things on a day to day basis as we live in a world where we have to follow specific rules and regulations to achieve what we want. Anxiety is seen in humans only when they are unable to accomplish something they want because of the restrictions placed upon them by society, culture, time, etc and other such variables.


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If you are an employed and salaried individual, I’m sure you have faced at least one such situation in life where your anxiety originated due to stressing over your financial status. Hence, we’ve created this list, comprising of any such concerns that could harm your mental health and wellness. This list will make sure that you avoid worrying and over-stressing yourself over some financial anxieties that you face on a day to day basis.


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Saving money fast: One of the primary reasons most employees deal with financial stress is because they want to save their money as soon as possible and they are usually too impatient about it. Saving money is a great habit, but not if you are always thinking about why your bank balance is not improving significantly. It is important to know that it takes patience to be able to save up.


Comparing lifestyles: With the introduction and widespread use of social media, it is easy to go to anyone’s Facebook profile and see the kind of life they lead. Looking at your friends doing better than you, both financially and lifestyle wise can stress you out a lot, especially if you are a competitive person.


Hoarding: It is good to buy things in advance, but please do not buy unnecessary things and hoard them. This can cause significant financial difficulties later when you need money urgently.


Planning for your future: Planning for you and your family’s future is something you need to be able to do without any anxiety or stress. But it can be quite a task if you have not planned your savings properly. Many employees tend to over-exert themselves by working extra hours, just so that hey can save up a few extra bucks for their family’s secure future. But while doing so they don’t realize that they are spending lesser and lesser time with their families, and this can factor for a great deal of stress and anxiety, which is a direct result of working too much.


Taxation and job security: Taxes and job security are what most employees in any organization always end up stressing about. These two factors are responsible for all the major anxiety-related concerns face by employees everywhere today. File for your tax returns on time and ensure that you don’t stress yourself out over losing your job, especially while you are working.


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This article will surely help you save a lot of emotional trauma which can be caused by financial difficulties. emotional trauma which can be caused by financial difficulties.

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