Fashion and money

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In a world of selfies, vlogs, and smartphones recording your every move, the need to always look presentable can be overwhelming not only mentally, but also monetarily. Well in today’s generation, all a person wants is to earn a lot of money and wear the most expensive clothes and look fashionable. To talk about fashion and money under one umbrella, we need to talk about the misconceptions that people believe to be true. The notion that being fashionable requires you to spend a lot and that every other rich brat spends their Saturday afternoons at stores like Louis Vuitton is incorrect. Fashion demands sense and styling. It’s not always necessary that only expensive clothes are fashionable.


Who is this article meant for

This article would cater to all kinds of readers, be it young or old since everyone especially ladies these days tend to spend more time seeing magazines like Vogue, GQ and Marie Claire than cooking or doing laundry.

You can spend less money or spend wisely and still get compliments as being the most fashionable person in the room.


The message

Here are few points to take into consideration if you want to look fashionable with a pocket-friendly approach –

  • Keeping a budget for shopping at the beginning of the month helps you a lot to buy clothes based on your choice and style instead of your expenses
  • There are sites which help you exchange your clothes that don’t fit you or the ones you don’t wear, for other garments. There are many trusted sites online which have new discounts according to different occasions or seasons to buy clothes from.
  • Go shopping in your closet; there are always some new clothes lying in a corner which we usually don’t notice or forget about.
  • Try sewing. You may not necessarily know how to stitch proper clothes, but even if you know how to sew snazzy buttons and give jazzy touches, it makes the clothing look a lot better.
  • Following fashion blogs and learning few fashion hacks and DIYs help you modify and provide a new look to your regular clothes.


How can you benefit

Though appearance is not the only mirror to our life, our attention towards dressing up and standing out of the crowd depends on the social media, actors, influencers, and models. Everyone wants to look their best but in the process tend to carelessly shop and waste money which is nowhere seen as a wise option. With new attractive collections released on a regular basis on affordable websites that offer fashion at your fingertips, the confusion between need vs. want and fashion vs. money can become blurred. Therefore, instead of worrying, keep these few points in your mind mentioned above, and you will be able to maintain a good check of your expenses and yet follow the fashion trends smartly but not blindly.

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