Combating the vicious circle of financial stress and job stress

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Employees working in the industry seem to be caught up in flux between being financially stressed out and having insufferable work-related stress, these back and forth attitudes causing a whiplash. Is there ever an in-between?

Instead of stressing about how things are going wrong, we can focus on making things right. And that means being aware of what can be done to fix this.


What is financial stress?

Financial stress in the most basic sense could mean any disturbance occurring in your daily expenditures which is making you think twice about your money.

It can be caused by:

  • Overindulging in your credit cards (which does enable you to live on the edge of how much more & what next but that loyalty does not give justice to your savings)
  • Mounting debts and loans
  • Higher interest rates
  • Lacking enough capital etc.


How financial stress leads to job stress?

The core reason of why financial stress is affecting job stress is because we are unaware of how we are spending and investing our money. Financial stress weighs heavily on peoples mind to such an extent that it takes a toll on the productivity of the employee and in turn, causes job stress. This unending cycle at the workplace is a considerable factor accentuating employees overall loss.

Job stress is also caused by the fear of being unable to cope with:

  • the current market trend
  • job insecurity
  • social mobility
  • disguised underemployment


How can you as an employee combat this?

Well, to be self-aware holds a significant factor. With the emerging instabilities & losing out on your expenditure, one can seek help. Instead of stressing about how things will go wrong, we can focus on how can one do things right.

Seeking advice from a personal financial assistant who is aware of the fore risks involved can give better judgments on your money. It will equip you with the understanding of your financial behaviors and attitudes, needs and requirement, then educate and making you aware of what you lack and assisting you in making better money decisions to fulfill your goals, in a nutshell, financial fitness empowers employees to manage their money and make better money decisions.


Now, going through all that, there is no actual need to put yourself in the position where you are compromising & deteriorating your health. You can take up effective measures available which will in return help you build on what is rightfully yours.

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