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Not long ago taking your handbook accounting to the computer was all the rage, so much so that it made accounts interesting. Now even more so than before technology evolves your money management. Because now there’s just so much more you can do with everything that’s out there, with the cashless economy starting to become a thing and cryptocurrencies trying to buckle up, technology and money go together.


Innovations shape us. The aim of these innovations is not to make the users tech savvy but rather savvy in what we use these innovations for.

So how best can you use technological innovations to navigate your way through money management?


Budgeting software

Budgeting is tedious, let the tech do it for you.

Personal or online budgeting soft-wares save your money transactions (bank, credit, debit card transactions) and enable you to track your spending with financial dashboards, it lets you assemble a budget and stick to it.

Nail your budget down to every precious dime.


Investment software

In this space you can track and monitor your existing investments, stocks and shares, check their value online, and set up watch lists for your favored shares.


Cashless transactions

With online apps emerging from the sudden need to have cashless transactions, bank account transactions enabling automated bill payments and regular transactions which in turn syncs with your budgeting software saves you both time and energy; everything just got a lot simpler.


Virtual workspace

Set up a virtual workspace with an online filing system which alerts you on emails, subscriptions, bill payments (making sure that you don’t incur any late fee charges), automates student loans or debt clearance, etc. This helps not to miss payment schedules and maybe if you are in luck, the lender could scrape off some of your interest rate owing to prompt payments.


Being well-versed or even a beginner (you have to start somewhere) in the various aspects of technology and money is advantageous to any individual as it empowers your money handling habits and keeps frustration to the minimal. These tech hacks will not only widen your opportunities to manage your money on the move but will also increase your rate of progression in the field of money fitness.

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