Be married to be financially fitter?

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Marriage is said to be an institution. We live in a society that believes that we must marry to procreate. Apart from it being a rule that everybody should follow, marriage has its own set of pros and cons. This point of view can, of course, differ from person to person. When we associate marriage with finances, a lot of queries laden with confusions appears. We live in an era where both men and women are fiercely independent and are trying to be financially autonomous. The moment they finish their educational qualification, the question that arises in everyone’s mind is, “if it is necessary to get married to support yourself financially?”. Let us try and understand this question and come to a conclusion.


Who is this article  for

This article would mostly cater to the millennials who are seen to be career oriented and free thinkers. Savings and investment plans are not their cups of tea as they want to live for the moment and procrastinate on anything that bears even a slight resemblance to responsibilities. It could also help the female folks on deciding with the perennial societal pressure on their shoulders, the minute they touch their 20s.


The Message

  • Getting married is entirely an individual’s personal decision. That also goes with their financial status if they’re going to share their finances with the partner after marriage. As it is also seen as a partnership between two people, both of them need to be involved in monetarily supporting each other.
  • Everyone in today’s generation needs their freedom, space and the ability to manage their own finances. Although marriage brings many responsibilities and obligations, it also stands true that with marriage the financial burden seems to diminish a lot more as instead of one, two minds are working together towards their economic betterment.
  • A person can quickly take up some financial decisions and save or invest in schemes that could make him money-wise, however, if there is positive support of a partner or a spouse, the choices could be much more intelligent, better and bring positive rewards to the family in the future.


How can you benefit

Marriage brings two people together who vow to share everything in their lives together be it small details or big and important decisions. Financial choices are one such decision that is pivotal in a marital relationship. Being equally participant and informant about the finance-related conversations can help both the partners being independent about their monetary needs. Getting married does bring a lot of responsibilities to both the partners’ lives. If both spouses are working, and are helping each other with handling the finances together, it can help in bearing the household responsibilities together, thus making them financially fitter and liberated.

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